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UPDATES: Aptakisic & Arlington Heights Road Watermain Project, Three Lakes Drive Stormsewer Culvert Construction, IL Route 53 Extension, Village Capital Projects Bids, Electric Aggregation Program Suspended, Comprehensive Plan Updates, Downtown Economic Development Incentive Programs, Open Burn List 2017.

Aptakisic Road & N. Arlington Heights Road Watermain (NEW).  The Northwest Water Commission (NWWC) will be installing a new watermain through Long Grove this Summer.  The new watermain will be installed within the ROW along the south side of Aptakisic Road and N. Arlington Heights Road.  N. Arlington Height Road is currently scheduled to be closed at IL Route 83 for the week of July 10th.  Please refer to the Residents Notice (click here) for further details.  Please click on the following link to access the plans for the improvements located within Long Grove (Watermain Plans Link).  

Three Lakes Drive Stormsewer Culvert Construction (NEW).  The Three Lakes Drive stormsewer construction project is scheduled to begin Monday, June 26th and is expected to be completed by the end of the week.  Please refer to the updated construction notice for further details (link).

IL Route 53 Extension (NEW).  The Village of Long Grove has long opposed the proposed extension of IL Route 53.  Most recently the Village filed objections to the Tollways plans to spend another $25M on an Evironmental Impact Statement (EIS).  Please refer to the following documents which outline the Village Board's position:

  • Village Resolution 2015-R-36 Strongly Opposing The Extension Of IL Route 53 (Click Here).
  • Village President Bill Jacob Community Outreach Letter Objecting To The EIS (Click Here).

Village Capital Projects Bids.   The Village of Long Grove Capital (Infrastruture) Bids (Advertisement, Pick Up List and As Read Bid Results) are available here (link to Village Engineer Gewalt Hamilton Associates).

Long Grove Suspends Electric Aggregation Program.  The Village of Long Grove established an electric aggregation program in 2012 in which the average participating ratepayer has saved $635 to date for a cumulative Village savings of $1,367,000.  The current program expires in May 2017. The Village received competitive bids to extend the program; however, the Village could not obtain rates that would be guaranteed to be lower than the ComEd rate.  Residents do not need to take any action; they will automatically be moved back to ComEd at their meter read date in May, which will be reflected on ComEd bills received in June.  If you have any questions regarding the program, you may call the Village’s consultant, NIMEC, at 800-727-3820 to leave your question and callback number. You will be contacted by NIMEC within 24 hours.  Further details are available here.

Comprehensive Plan Update - Public Hearing/Open House. The Plan Commission & Zoning Board Of Appeals (PCZBA) will be opening the Public Hearing and hosting the Open House for the updates to the Village's Comprehensive Plan soon. Confirmation of the meeting date and further details on the Comp Plan will be provided.  All are encouraged to register to the Comprehensive Plan Project Website for automatic notifications when new information is posted.  The Village will also be reaching out to all through direct postcard mailings, the Village Newsletter (Constant Contact); Connect CTY, Open Town Hall and Village Agendas.  Please consider registering for these notifications by through the various links available (above) on this page.  Please stay tuned and be involved.

Downtown Economic Development Incentive Programs.  The Village Board has established property tax and sales tax 50/50 rebate programs for the Historic Downtown.  If interested in learing more, please (click here) or visit the "Economic Development & Downtown" tab located at the top of the Village's homepage.  

Long Grove Open Burn Permit 2017 (Link - Includes List Of All Properties Permitted As Of 03/24/2017)

Updated List of Properties Permitted as of 04/25/2017 (Click Here)

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